Audio and Narrative

A very first task we going to do in LJMU which we request to present a audio narrative by explore and collect the sound in Liverpool environment.

Since we still new in Liverpool and one of my group mate get an new bike, we decide to use the bike as our main character in the audio. After that, we come to have an idea which are explore Liverpool with using bike. We have go trough a few of place like st.john, liverpool one and albert dock to collect and trying what is the difference sound we can hear from there.

Cycling In Liverpool


Here is some tips to help us to improve our audio narration skill.

– 1.

– 2. – side to get some free source

– 3.

-4. – a audio interaction


London Sound Survey

A interesting website that share by my tutor Mark, this website is recorded all the sound surround in london and using map to describe the sound in difference place.

* This website have bought me a inspiration for my incoming project for this module*


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