Evolution of Website

Website is an important internet tools for us in today, a lot of user use website to communicate, promoting, and even launch their business. It has been use by the worldwide user. But do you know website is already 23 year old today? and do you know what how website look in the early beginning? and how it evolve to become website today?

Here is a inforgraphic  information about evolution of website:


Besides that, I also found some information about history of website:

1.  A website describe Negative and Benefits for The Generation of Website

2.  A history website tell you what happen in Website field since 1990 – The year start to develop website

3.  Just a brief tell you who can own a Website year by years until today

4. WEB HISTORY BY Niels Brugger

5. http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/elements/2013/05/the-evolution-of-the-web-in-a-blink.html

6.  The history of internet, website and evolution of website

7.  Slide share about the evolution of website


As conclusion, I can come to understand more about the history of website and how website evolution which able to let me have some idea how to do a better website in the future.


3 thoughts on “Evolution of Website

  1. This is an interesting evolution website infographic for user easy to understand.

  2. Sarah Haynes says:

    Hi – This is a good start – looking at the evolution of the web – and there is some research here you can use – but be very clear about who your sources are – who has written this – Opera obviously is a software business – Negative and Benefits for The Generation of Website link is just a small company that makes websites – and another link in your more recent post is the blog of just a developer who isn’t really someone with authority – so try to be sure that you know who the author is and you should only refer to people you can see have some authority – their published or verifiable academics – Look at Kevin Kelly, Howard Rheingold, Donald Norman, Jakob Nielsen, Aleks Krotoski

    It would be useful here to see how you think these ideas fit together and how you will use them to support your argument.

    In your most recent post you use words like nice and special – try to be more specific – these words have little meaning – so you can say that the web has become more graphic – but what is the effect of that? – Why have these changes taken place? Try to think of how and why rather than just describing how the web has changed.

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