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Digital Media In Public

Today, we are requested to think an idea about how we can interactive and telling people story through a public space.



Here is our brainstorming section and we discuss about the idea is like an camera booth to let visitor to take photo and telling their own story about the place which will upload into our website.


Narrative Structures

Last friday, we have learn more about social network and we get know to more about how we can play around in social network to promote, tell, or advising our story and character.

In the weekend exercise, we going to do some character through Facebook and play around with the character emotion and expression.

Me, Desmond and Edward decide to create an character who called Brain Doheny, a intelligent game player who get invited to join Visual Game High School. He also the main character from VGHS story.

Ep1 for VGHS

We would like to act as him and play around in the facebook and here is the link – Brain Doheny

Besides that, we are hiding our own name and act as him to play around with classmate. It quite enjoy because you will never understand who are acting the character until he tell you.

Social Network

Today, we have come to touch about social media communication tools such like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

As Chris said, hashtags is the future of social media to tell story.


Base on this, I have come to do some research why hashtags can make story telling in social network.

Hashtags are the future of monetizing social media

Why Facebook stealing hashtags from Twitter?

The future of hashtags

Meaning of hashtags

The Importance of hashtags


We have requested to do a research through difference titles. What we have to do is using hashtags from social network and tell the story or research we found.

Blog – Middle Age of Liverpool

Old Dock in Liverpool

The Slave Trade

Ship In Liverpool

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Twitter – Desmondtan91


I quite enjoy the movement of this exercise because I love to travel around and understand more about their history. This is the chance to I get to know about history about Liverpool port history and take a lot of photos.