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Game Influences Brain

Base on my project title, I would like to find some article about how game can improve human brain.


Benefit for brain while gaming


Inforgraphic about the increasing number of app game player

I found some interesting book from e-book google:

Game Improve Critical Thinking

How You Boots Your Memory Power

Brain Power, Game Plan

Internet sources:

App that help to improve our brain

Our brain benefit when on video game

Research feedback about brain when in game

Memory Game


Motion Graphic

Some research about motion graphic for my individual project.

Example of inforgraphic ( more in data):

Example of motion graphic (more in story):

Example of introduce application (explain the function):

Add new e-book to understand how motion graphic come from

How Did They Do Motion Graphic

Link to learn more about motion graphic

Requirement of motion graphic

Motion graphic guidelines


Simplicity of Design – John Meada


John Meada is an graphic designer who talk about simplicity design which most of the designer using nowad

the quote from John Meada – “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

Here is a video record from John Meada talks.

A pdf file talk about the law of simplicity.

The 10 law of simplicity


1. Reduce


3. Time

4. Learn

5. Differences

6. Context

7. Emoiton

8. Trust

9. Failure

10. The one