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Premium SMS Services

I am fresh entry in mobile application field and the very first thing I learn is about Premium SMS services.

So what is premium SMS? Let’s have a look from OPTUS explanation:

Premium SMS is used as a billing mechanism for the purchase of mobile content and for other goods and services (usually mobile-related). The content/service is provided by a third party content provider (ie. not by Optus).

Premium Services can include competitions, promotions, TV voting, SMS chat or mobile content purchases such as ringtones, games and screen savers. Most Premium SMS services are one-off services (not subscriptions).


So do anyone have the premium SMS services around Kenya, Tanzania, and other place to introduce?

We currently looking for Premium MT SMS services.

Or can e-mail me: (steve)

My company would like to have a discussion with you guy. =)

Have fun and nice day guys.



My New Portfolio Website & Platform

Hi guys, Been a while never update for blog already. Here I have created a website and platform to share my work and ideas.

Feel free to join and follow me at:

123456 Portfolio Website


Behance Platform

Evolution of Website Design From Difference Company

There are a lot of website today, all of it having a lot of graphic and it look nice and special. But do you know how actually they look in the early beginning? What do they change and relate to internet evolution?

Here is show you about some company website evolution:

Apple Website in 10 year ago:


Apple website in 5 year ago:


Current Apple Website:


More about Company Website Evolution in here.

The reason why I would like to explain about website evolution from difference company is because I would like to tell people about the limitation for design in website in the early years and they keep changing the design when the improvement of internet.