Evolution of Website

Website is an important internet tools for us in today, a lot of user use website to communicate, promoting, and even launch their business. It has been use by the worldwide user. But do you know website is already 23 year old today? and do you know what how website look in the early beginning? and how it evolve to become website today?

Here is a inforgraphic  information about evolution of website:


Besides that, I also found some information about history of website:

1.  A website describe Negative and Benefits for The Generation of Website

2.  A history website tell you what happen in Website field since 1990 – The year start to develop website

3.  Just a brief tell you who can own a Website year by years until today

4. WEB HISTORY BY Niels Brugger

5. http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/elements/2013/05/the-evolution-of-the-web-in-a-blink.html

6.  The history of internet, website and evolution of website

7.  Slide share about the evolution of website


As conclusion, I can come to understand more about the history of website and how website evolution which able to let me have some idea how to do a better website in the future.


Game Influences Brain

Base on my project title, I would like to find some article about how game can improve human brain.


Benefit for brain while gaming


Inforgraphic about the increasing number of app game player

I found some interesting book from e-book google:

Game Improve Critical Thinking

How You Boots Your Memory Power

Brain Power, Game Plan

Internet sources:

App that help to improve our brain

Our brain benefit when on video game

Research feedback about brain when in game

Memory Game

Motion Graphic

Some research about motion graphic for my individual project.

Example of inforgraphic ( more in data):

Example of motion graphic (more in story):

Example of introduce application (explain the function):

Add new e-book to understand how motion graphic come from

How Did They Do Motion Graphic

Link to learn more about motion graphic

Requirement of motion graphic

Motion graphic guidelines