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Interactive Youtube

Another fun part I learn. It impress the fun of video in youtube, which make the video no longer just a video. It maybe become an game, an interactive educator or others.

A Interactive Video Storytelling in Youtube

Interactive Game in Youtube

Our idea is “dead” by the same time bring an education meaning to people. Enjoy it. =)


QR Code

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Another fun lesson I learn, play around with QR code. It use smart phone software such like i-nigma to scan the qr code and it will lead us to the place and read what information inside the qr code.



Mark have give us a task about use QR code to make story telling in LJMU building. I am so excited and enjoy the section while we doing this because this is another type of new thing we get in touch first time.

Our Story:

Our story is about a men trying to escape something, the chair is one of the object we use in whole story and we would like to let people think what going on the chair. Maybe the chair is ghost? or someone carrying the chair and try to attack the men? whos know? Difference people lead difference story if we don’t want to tell what we think.



A really new software for me to learn in this stage, Isadora is a software to help us to create something interactive to user. Well, what I have to say about Isadora is ANOTHER CODING SOFTWARE AGAIN~! which is troublesome but it still bring fun to me. Now I am trying my best to understand how it function basically and I say ” very hard ” especially the video interactive part.


Francis Ford Coppola – – a movie using isadora software to build narrative.

A very good try and experience that I get from LJMU, finally I come through to know other software instead of adobe. Trying new thing is always the best.

Here is the Isadora tutorial link –