Introduction of Converge Media

I studied in Liverpool almost one month and completed my first project which are interactive media.

Now I have come to another module call converge media.

So, what is converge media?

Here is the simple explanation for converge media post by The Distinct Studios Journal.

Converge Media is  a platform that merge all the mass communication outlet such like printing, video, sound which allow designer telling story and entertainment though verity media.


Converged Media Graph

Explanation of Converged Media by Henry Jenkins

The first exercise for this module is discover the space in a location to develop an idea to telling story to audience.

We had lead by Ian and discover 2 cathedral.



The Interior view of 2 cathedral

After we discover the spacing of this 2 cathedral, we are requested to develop an idea base on the surrounding and environment of the cathedral.

We have choose the second cathedral to develop our idea which are apply an sphere in the middle of cathedral and display some animation.

Here is the example we found from youtube.

Is quite enjoy while Ian bring us to visit this 2 cathedral and telling us how they maintain and use them to display digital media in the previous.


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