Nielsen Norman Group – User Experience Research

Usability of Mobile is important nowadays.It help to define user experiences, and I found something interest from Neilsen Norman Group.

Neilsen Norman Group is talking about user experience research,there are some free pdf research report can free download and preview.


I found this report called – Usability of Mobile Website

It talk about usability of mobile website and provide us data about user experience research. Besides that, It also show have prove that mobile website is better than full website from the researching. I like the way how the report explain and how they conduct the user experience research. Finally I come through understand more about mobile.


Another report talk about Mobile Website and Application Usability

I think this report will help me a lot in the research, but unfortunately it require to purchase the book. The thing I can do is just discoverthrough the free version of this report and try to understand what going on inside.

However, I really enjoy to search around this Nielsen Norman Group website, it bring a lot of idea what should I search for an subject. I would like to purchase some of the research once I get an chance to touch it.

Here is the website link to search more about them – Nielsen Norman Group Articles

I also found that a post introduce about usability.


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