Mobile Webs VS Mobile Application, Why?


From this post which posted by David Moth have mention that compuware has did the research about mobile app versus mobile site and it show 85% of people are prefer mobile app than mobile sites.

It will be a good data to be collected because it show that mobile apps are begin popular to user nowadays.

But through this we still need to consider about how many people they are survey about, and what is the quality between mobile app and the mobile sites which will affected the result of final outcome.

Here is some other side talk about benefit of mobile webs and mobile application:




should-you-build-a-mobile-app-or-mobile-websiteThis is an infographic talk about the benefit of mobile application and mobile sites.

After I understand what is the difference between mobile application and mobile website, now I can decide to either develop my idea base on any one of them. For the next step will the the technology for building this mobile application and mobile website,  I will search and discover more about the software and scripting part.


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