Ex 3: Where Is My Interest? Where am I?

My interest – Website and Mobile Application

First of all, I would like to say my interest is website design. Website is begin use to promote many thing such like movie, game, product and etc in today, it not longer remain previous  website which just use for company or data arrangement only. It become a method or platform to promote our thing, content and massage.

Why I Interest in website design? is about the design? scripting?

From previous experience, I have created few website with using Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop. If you ask me either I like the design or script and here is my answer. I would say I interest with both of it, the first reason why I say like this is because I not a main programmer which can develop prefer scripting such like php, java and jquery but I still interest with it and hope to get chance to learn, discover, and experience it.

Besides, I also like to  understand and learn more about website design to develop or create a better usability,functionally to user. Website design and scripting is just like a part in body, without anyone of it will become unbalance. This is the reason I say I interest with both side and I hope I can advance my skill and knowledge to create a better website in the future. Understanding both of it is an advantage for myself but others people.

What else can learn inside website design?

Inside website design, it contain a lot of content and include with a lot of others media. This also a reason why I love website design, the content itself contain with others media such like video, graphic, 3D, and others. There are few media I get interest while I do research on my previous website. One is Motion graphic and another one is Infographics.

Infographic is a method that use graphic, image or visual to present the data, content, and massage to our user or audience. In another mean is that use visual to bring the massage to our user rather than use words only. From what I understand from previous inforgraphic research is try to use more graphic to lead our user understand what are we doing, just like minimalist style.



This is one of the example of infographic design, It using a simple color, graphic, and typeface to create interesting visual to present data rather than just words from a article or post. This is an infographic from REI’s to tell consumer how to choose a correct running shoes to aviod any injure in the future. As you can see, from step 1 to step 6 it only focus in those main content and emphasize it. Every step are using simple data to explain rather than full of words.

This is an info motion graphic that create by Jonathan Jarvis few year ago. It contain a lot of graphic with data, it contain simple step with explain the informative narration and crisp graphic. Infographic can be use in anyway, but the important is we need to understand what is the info, content need to bring to our user.

Where do I see myself in future and current?

There is no ending for learning. I hope to learn more new thing from website design such like I know about infographic and motion graphic while I create website from previous works so I can apply the knowledge or experience to my skill to make my website design more better.

By now, I am thinking about mobile application how can I apply my website and design knowledge into it. The reason why I choose mobile application as one of my interest because I found that actually there are many website idea can be convert as an mobile application in the future rather than just using website. Since now have a chance to do more research, I would like to do some research about how to develop mobile application idea and design. How it can relate with website? After that, maybe I can use infographic to create content and design for website to promote my mobile application idea? who’s know?

As conclusion, giving myself a new challenge is always better than remain. I think we cannot set ourselves in a platform of media, we should try and experience in other media to find out what is the relate part of them. It not just help us to gain more knowledge but it help to benefit us in the future field because we are able to work in multi platform. If i get an chance to understand how to develop mobile application idea, software, and design, I will try in instead of reject it.


3 thoughts on “Ex 3: Where Is My Interest? Where am I?

  1. chaddy70 says:

    Hi Fon Hoe, looking forward to meeting you all when you arrive in the UK.

    I am really enjoying your posts and looking forward to seeing where your research takes you. It seems that you are leaning more towards researching mulit-platform/ convergence media? Have a look at key thinkers, theorists and projects who have informed your area of research. Enjoy the module and investigate new areas of discovery.

    Enjoy the research.


  2. chaddy70 says:

    Hi Fon Hoe,

    Continue to research and collate your findings in the blog. Your prezi should summarise your research interest and indicate research sources, key thinkers and practitioners in the area you are focusing on. What conclusions will you draw and what questions do you hope to explore in later modules?

    Have fun and enjoy the process,


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