Where is My Future?

Mobile application development services

Perhaps for the incoming 2 years time, I hope to study more advance scripting  language, software and design. There are still a lot of barrier for me because I still not really familiar with script and design. I think I still need a lot of improvement in the future.



If talk about media, I would like to tell you is website and mobile application. Reason? Social Platform is the “Top” to promote your business nowadays. Everyday everytime anyway there are a lot of new, creative, latest website to be created. Same to mobile application too. Online is to target our user in global but not local/area. If come through and talk about what I going to do for incoming two year times, the first thing I would like to say is trying to apply any mobile application company to gain experience.

Since I already know the basic of website, why does not spend another 2 year time to try other new thing when I still young? It is a new challenge for me rather than just do the same thing  everytime. Even I cannot produce a good work in final, but at least I try to get experience from it, and this is the inspiration to force me keep moving on in the future and try new thing and challenge. For myself, the most important is not the outcome , is I get try in new thing and gain more opinion, comment and experience on it. Keep trying will make the outcome better and better in the future.


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