What is Minimalist Design Style?

Recently minimalist design is popular to be use by designer nowadays.

As what we see from Internet world nowadays  is there are many designer trying to play with strong font, simple content, spacing and background to create design.


Visual-Symmetry-Web-Design (1)


 This is a portfolio for a designer that inspirit me in the early about minimalist. It use a simple color, graphic and flow to present about the content which I feel easy to understand, use and read when I go through it.  This is where I begin to start my design with using simple and easy way to present my content.

Since I am new from minimalist style design in the early, I always get hard time in doing research and develop great idea for create design. I still wonder how to stand out myself compare with other because minimalist style is quite popular and similar nowadays…and everytime I also like to search any new web design from google or website so I can keep my design updated.





http://www.siteinspire.com / http://www.deviantart.com

I love this website because it always get update in a lot of categories and what I found here is there are a lot of idea, design and content which I can refer and get inspiration. I can experience a lot in review their idea and design.


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