Minimalist Design?


The quote I get inspiration. Minimalist Design is playing with space, color, typography and also shape to create an design. It should contain more visual rather than words.

There are a few works is representative minimalist in the early beginning:

1.De Stijl


De Stijl is artistic movement in the Netherlands that started in 1917. “De Stijl” is Dutch for “The Style”. The movement included painters, sculptors, architects, and designers.

De Stijl is simplicity and abstraction by using shape and basic color to create the design.

2. Van Der Rohe


Van der Rohe was a German architect who design many landmark buildings, including Chicago’s Crown Hall and New York’s Seagram Building.

Van der Rohe focus he architectural designs by minimum structure and also spacing to reduce and make the building as simple it can be.

(This is Image and content is get from Oleg Mokhov)


(Picture by Iries)

As conclusion, minimalist design is keep as clean as we can to produce a nice and simple graphic in design. We have to understand the spacing, color, and font to match the best design.


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