Current Interesting Game/ Mobile Apps


Last few week, I found this app game called “Transformer Legend” in my iphone app store and it was a free app anyway, it is a card base game for transformer.

The reason why I love this game very much is because I am one of the fan of transformer cartoon and movie and most important is I found there are a lot of people play this app currently. Let me explain how this game work:

1. It preform many type of game instead of just a card battle game.

The card in this game are available to gain more experience to get higher level and stronger. Besides that, it also able to let user hunt and search more card base on a limited energy. More important is they allow user to play PVP match through global online. This is the reason why will keep user interest and keep playing on it.


2. Update event and rank

One of the reason why app is begin popular is because they having ranking and difference event in every times. Transformer Legends is one of the app who have ranking in every event ( Special Episode ). The highest rank user will get an highest rare item and card for their account.


3. Can collect difference type of transformer card and the graphic is awesome compare with normal printed card.

One of the reason I keep playing this game is because I can collect difference type of transformer. Besides that, the rare card will be more nicer graphic compare to others. Some of the card will be have a small motion instead of freeze. This is the part I most interest and now still researching about it. (Still wonder is the card are 3D or 2D?)


4. Have to cooperate with other user to defeat boss.

This is one of the content I get an idea for my next project ( Maybe? ). They have make the boss stronger than user 5 times, the reason they do like this is because if we keep playing alone I am sure I will get bored once I meet something I cannot defeat in the games. So they come out this idea which I believe is help user to balance the responding between each player while they playing this game.


This apps is  inspirit me with some ideas with the interesting content inside especially how they make sure the user respond in their game and I found it may work for my incoming idea.

( Game created by Transformer Legends )


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